Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the list below of the most commonly asked questions. If you still have questions after reading these, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

What is HeyHermes?

HeyHermes is a cross-functional team of ActiveCampaign experts that provide support to startups and growing businesses using ActiveCampaign for their email marketing and sales solution.

How long does a task take?

When you submit a task we review the information provided to get an understanding of the resources needed to complete the work. Once we have all the information we need and we accept your task, we’ll provide an estimate of how long your task will take. The clearer the information is that you provide, the sooner we can get started on and deliver the task.

What happens after I subscribe? How does it work?

As soon as you have subscribed to one of our pricing plans we’ll create an account for you so you can submit tasks quickly and easily. Next, we’ll send you an onboarding email with your login details and instructions on how you give us access to your ActivCampaign platform.

Who IS this service for? Who is it NOT for?

HeyHermes is specifically designed for startups and businesses that use any subscription level of ActiveCampaign for their email marketing and/or their CRM. We don’t support any other email marketing tools or CRM at this stage.

Can I really log unlimited tasks?

100%. There’s no limit on the number of tasks you can send us. The only limit depends on the subscription you sign up to. The STANDARD allows you to log one task at a time. The PRO subscription allows you to log up to 3 tasks at the same time.

What is considered a Task?

With our STANDARD subscription, customers can log one task at a time. With our PRO subscription, customers can log up to 3 concurrent tasks.

Examples of tasks:

  • Creating an email template
  • Creating a form
  • Adding a form to a landing page
  • Generating reports from a campaign
  • Designing automations
  • Testing automations
  • Designing campaigns
  • Testing campaigns
  • and much more…

If you are unsure of your work falls within the definition of a “small task,” reach out to us on chat or email and we’ll be happy to clarify things.

How do I submit a task?

Click the “SUBMIT A TASK” link in the main menu and use your account details to log on. Once logged on, you’ll be able to log a task. We’ll review the information provided to make sure we have everything we need. Once we’ve completed your task, you’ll be notified with a report of what’s been delivered.

How do you manage the tasks I log?

  • When you submit a new task, or re-open a previously closed task, it is assigned to one of our ActiveCampaign experts
  • We check to see if it is within the boundaries of the services we deliver
  • We check if we have enough information
  • If the previous two points are met, we set to work completing the task
  • Once the task is complete, we notify you for your review and sign-off

Do you provide design assistance?

We are not a design agency so will not create style guides and large amounts of design and marketing material for campaigns. We will complete small design work like creating email templates and forms. To achieve the best outcome, it would be best if you provided any marketing collateral you already have in the correct file formats.

Do I need to give you access to my ActiveCampaign portal?

All ActiveCampaign pricing plans come with the ability to setup multiple accounts. The lowest subscription, Lite, comes with 3 accounts. It would be beneficial to set one of these accounts up for support staff.

Do I need to be an existing ActiveCampaign use to sign up?

Typically we work with growing businesses with revenue. Some businesses however are brand new, want to use ActiveCampaign but don’t want to go through the steep learning curve. We can help.
Some businesses are well established with an existing email marketing tool and CRM but want to migrate to ActiveCampaign. We can help here also.

Can't I just find a virtual assistant to do this for me?

You sure can. But, you need to find a good virtual assistant first. While it’s easy to find virtual assistants, it’s difficult to find great ones. It took HeyHermes about 6 months of trial and error. Next, you’ll have to train them and finally, manage them. You also need to write all the processes and procedures and purchase any additional tools or software to make it all work. It’s a LOT of work… which is why HeyHermes exists.

Is there a setup fee?

We don’t charge a setup fee. We’ve designed our process to be as efficient and easy as possible. The sooner you provide us with all the relevant information, the sooner we can get started. 🙂

Can I expense my ActiveCampaign subscription?

It’s best to speak to a qualified professional regarding this. But, if your ActiveCampaign account is being used for business purposes you should be able to expense it.

How am I charged?

You can subscribe using major credit cards. We use Stripe as it’s super easy and secure. Once subscribed, you’ll be charged on a monthly billing subscription.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. If yo’d like to cancel your subscription, please send an email to [email protected] Once your subscription has been cancelled, it will end at your current billing cycle.

Do you provide support for any other email marketing or CRM services?

Not at this stage. We may in the future. If you think it’s something you’d like us to do, let us know.

How often will you use my account?

It depends on the size and the complexity of the task being completed. Some tasks are minor tweaks here and there which take no time at all. Other tasks like a large automation sequences can take many hours, sometimes days, to setup and test.

Is the price including or excluding tax?

The price is including tax.

Do you have any case studies?

We’re working on some at the moment. As soon as they’re complete, we’ll make them available.

Which countries and time-zones do you support?

HeyHermes supports ActiveCampaign users in most countries as long as their portal is in English. Whilst our Head Quarters are in Brisbane, Australia, our team is located in the Philippines. All communication is via our support platform which provides email, chat support and 24/7 access to your tasks so time zones are not a problem.

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